Caesium, IRL

What do I get up to in real life when I’m not sat behind a keyboard, you might ask?

Monty, Ana & Juno
Monty, Ana & Juno (2016)

Originally from Yorkshire, I now live in Solihull with my long-term girlfriend Ana and two dogs, Monty & Juno.

A page like this wouldn’t be complete without a cliche, but we do enjoy travelling and often visit Las Vegas. We also like the Cancun area of Mexico for diving and exploration, and the Canary Islands for an easy sun getaway.

As far as keeping active goes, I’m a regular indoor climber and road cyclist. I’m also a PADI qualified diver but I tend to reserve that for slightly warmer waters than available in the UK. My two collies also keep me pretty busy.

In my downtime I drink a lot of Yorkshire Tea and listen to Dire Straits, Chicane, Vangelis, and pretty much anything from the 80s/90s.

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