Chris Elsworth, 2016
Yep, that's me

Hi. I’m Chris (Caesium) Elsworth.

This website aims to serve as a bit of a portfolio and history of things I’ve done, and collections of useful notes. Apologies in advance for any pages that don’t make any sense or contain plain bad grammar. Feel free to poke me if you find anything in need of editing.

I’m a programmer and sysadmin, originally from York, now based in Solihull, currently contracting for BBC Research & Development. Since you’re here, you might be looking for my CV or some more personal details about me.

I mostly write websites in Ruby (including this one) and occasionally servers in C. I also tinker with microprocessor (Atmel AVR and Espressif ESP8266) C programming and the electronics associated with such things.

I hang out in in #sequel and #roda on Freenode. I don’t use Facebook or Twitter etc.