Named after Nabu, the Babylonian god of wisdom and writing.

Nabu is a simple CMS webapp I wrote in Ruby to host this website. The source can be found on Github.

It is based on the Stitch Solihull CMS, which I had previously written to host a website for my partner’s yarn shop business, comprising markdown parsing for CMS pages, blog, and an e-commerce checkout system.

For my own purposes I stripped it down and kept just the markdown parsing for normal content pages. The pages (and all historical versions, so I can revert to an older edit) are kept in PostgreSQL and rendered from markdown to HTML by Kramdown. Web routing is handled by Roda; templates and styling are my own design, built from HAML and SCSS respectively.

For now it is pretty sparse on features; rolling back to an old page version is very much a manual affair but I’ve never had to use it yet so I’m in no hurry to fix that. I would like to fix image handling – for now I just upload images into a public webroot myself (the Stitch Solihull CMS has drag&drop uploads in the editor).

[tags: project, ruby, webapp]